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Testimonials and reviews for Crystal Peel products.

Professional testimonials

The MicroDermabrasion Soap Bar’s brisk, polishing action helps stimulate and bolster production of new collagen, key to maintaining skin’s elasticity and tone. The Bar buffs away dull, dry layers, revealing toned and glowing skin. This invigorating Bar helps improve skin texture, clarity and the appearance of uneven skin tone. The Bar aids in relieving itching and dry skin. It is an excellent home care companion for Keratosis Pilaris, folliculitis and a great adjunct to cellulite treatments. Immediately after bathing or showering skin feels smoothed, revitalized and renewed. Dr. Michael Lin, Beverly Hills, CA

“This Crystal Peel Exfoliating Soap Bar is a must-have. It leaves your skin feeling smooth and rejuvenated. I recommend this to all of my patients, especially post surgical patients to help reduce the appearance of their scars and cellulite.” Christina Paylan, M.D., Tampa, FL

The Crystal Peel Body Bar is a great product that I love having in my shower at home. Essentially it is providing a microdermabrasion treatment in the shower.What it helps to do is exfoliate and remove extra dead skin cells and extra oils, especially on the elbows and knees. Everyone in my family enjoys it. Dr. Yael Halaas, M.D., New York, NY

“As an RN for over 22 years, I have personally recommended Crystal Peel Body Bar to over 1,000 patients and clients because of it’s un- paralleled success in reducing, if not eradicating, many skin issues: Keratosis Polaris, Ingrown hairs (Poly Follicular Bulgaris), stretchmarks, eczema, hyperpigmentation, body acne, reduction in psoriasis plates and itching, and more. Stop paying for prescription medications, slathering on lotions, hiding embarrassing skin problems and give this amazing product a try. I have NEVER had anyone come back to me and not absolutely rave about Crystal Peel Body Bar!” Melissa Caruso-Calafell, RN, Wilton, CT

“I have been using Crystal Peel Body Bar for several months in my practice and have achieved excellent results for my patients with sun damaged, dry skin and Actinic Keratosis lesion..” Heidi Frere, M.D.,Johannesburg, South Africa

Satisfied customer Reviews

“I began using the Microdermabrasion Body Bar one month ago, and my legs are smoother and the skin tone is more even. Even the ingrown hairs are less frequent. I love it! Great prep for self-tanner.” Roberta S., Washington, D.C.

“I have just started showering with the Body bar, and this product actually delivers what is promises. My skin has never been as soft and smooth. Now all of my skin is as soft as my face. It’s clearer, and my dry patches and breakouts have disappeared.” Alex L., Los Angeles, CA

“Love this soap. Use directly on your skin and it feels like you just had a microdermabrasion session on your body. Great for feet, too. You can throw out your pumice and use this instead. The bar is real large and lasts a long time.” Lisa L., New York , NY

“When I heard this soap improves Keratosis Pilaris, I was skeptical. Now I can say it’s true.” Catherine M., Austin TX

“I happened upon this soap at a spa on vacation. It does the job with ingrown hairs and breakouts, and it’s fabulous before spray tanning. Highly recommend.” Audrey D., Boston, MA

“This is so awesome to exfoliate, best body product I have found. It works better than Loofa sponges. Love it.” Jill V., Brooklyn, NY

“Perfect product for keeping your skin soft and smooth from head to toe! Even my husband likes it.” Benita P., New York, NY

“I love the soap. I use it after a beach vacation. It takes off all my dead skin, and brightens my tan.” Jessie O., Philadelphia, PA