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Crystal Peel Benefits for The Face


Crystal Peel actively addresses the red, flushed appearance caused by rosacea by stimulating the skin and boosting collagen production. For effective treatment of rosacea symptoms, we recommend the Microdermabrasion Exfoliating Face Creme and Fruit Extract Exfoliating Pads. Crystal Peel products are packed with flavonoids, antioxidants, vitamin C and natural arbutin — taking skin brightening, firming and cell renewal to a new level.

Clarifies skin tone and appearance

Reduces accompanying signs of rosacea, such as pimples, red bumps and rough patches

Protects skin from free radicals and premature aging



Crystal Peel offers a safe and gentle approach for reducing the appearance of dark spots caused by melasma. Microdermabrasion Exfoliating Face Creme and Fruit Extract Exfoliating Pads resurface the skin — stimulating collage production and diminishing fine lines, skin discoloration and sun damage.

Promotes skin cell turnover

Increases collagen production

Smoothes and brightens skin tone



As frustrating as acne is, it can be proactively treated with exfoliation and non-comedogenic moisturizers. Crystal Peel’s collection of products target many of the top complaints customers have about acne, using a patented, dermatologist-recommended combination of fine corundum and magnesium oxide crystals from the Dead Sea.

Removes excess oil and balances skin surface

Cleans and tightens pores

Reduces redness and inflammation



Exfoliation is the top recommended treatment for hyperpigmentation. Crystal Peel’s line of microdermabrasion products persistently equalize the skin to reveal a polished, balanced complexion by scrubbing out darkened skin cells caused by hyperpigmentation.

Promote skin cell turnover

Polishes away dull, dry skin to reveal youthful, glowing skin

Evens skin tone and reduces hyperpigmentation


Severely Dry Lips

Your lips can take quite a beating and are often left unprotected against the elements — soaking up extreme sun, becoming chapped by high winds, and weathering cold winters. Crystal Peel’s line of lip treatments restores the lip’s natural vitality and smooth surface with gentle exfoliation and enriching moisturizers.

Luxurious jojoba beads exfoliate away dead skin cells

Reduces lines on and around lips

Revitalizes lips to their youthful flourish

Vitamin E and shea butter replenish lost moistur